Supervision, Administration & Reassessment

The winners will receive constant support from the Board of Governors of the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Recognition, in surveillance programs such as market monitoring and analysis, as well as supervising the brand management activities across the organization. In addition, the committee will provide constructive consultations and recommendations for effective problem solving, should the winning companies encounter any branding difficulties. Concurrently, the committee reviews the company's practices on regular basis to facilitate the reassessment of the brand certification.
The Board of Governors will re-examine the eligibility of the company once every 2 years, and confirmation of the compliance with the criteria for the brand certification will allow the re-issuance of an updated version of the certificate.
With the committee’s motto of “seeking truth from facts”, any verified fraud, concealment, or improper means to obtain the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Recognition shall result in withdrawal of the nomination and certification. Furthermore, announcement will be made on the official website.
The Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Recognition is valid for 2 years. Within the validity period, the winner is entitled to use the logo of the award for advertising purposes. (Must specify the year in which the recognition was acquired)
Winning companies shall apply for reassessment 3 months before expiration of the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Certification.
For winners, shall any incidents occurred within the 2-year period, such as integrity and business conduct violations, quality accidents, or when a potential hazard is discovered, the Board of Governors has the right to seek written explanation from the company involved. Failure to do so could result in the cancellation of the brand certification.