Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand Committee (APC) was founded in 2000 and has over 20 years of accumulated resources from Asia Pacific regions, including a collection of investments, listings, fundraisings, media, expertise and networking with businessmen and politicians. Applying online and offline modes, coaching and cultivating, initial public offering, branding, media, cross border integration, to build a super commercial platform with Asia Pacific enterprises as its cove.
APC is well positioned to be the platform in connecting the domestic with international capital market, business propositions and high network; facilitate win-win strategy and mutual growth among its member enterprises. This is also a platform for the coalition of capital of Asia Pacific enterprises; a platform for excellent Asia Pacific enterprises to enter China-ASEAN, European Union and the global halal market. In APC, you will receive the most contemporary business models, personally coached by the most competent Asia Pacific entrepreneur, the most feasible fundraising and investment plan, the best investment opportunities and assistance from Asia Pacific’s top politicians and businessmen in the Asia Pacific.
APC is a non-profit, reputable and influential organisation that has a long history in the Asia Pacific. APC was support by Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award International Committee, Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award International Committee, Asia Pacific Economic Alliance, Asia Pacific Excellence Entrepreneur Alliance, Vietnam Foundation Supporting of Literary and Artistic Creations, Oversea Chinese Investment Commercial Association of Indonesia, (Brunei), All-China Bakery Association (China-Malaysia Interactive Councils), Hong Kong Enterprises Association, Hong Kong Fiduciary Association Limited, Thai Security Assocaition, ASEAN-CHINA Investment Association, Commerce Association of Italy, Daily Express, Overseas Chinese Daily News, Global Business Magazine, New Health 100 Magazine, Asia Property Magazine and other Asia Pacific region non-profit business associations, academic institutions and authoritative media.