Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand International Recognition is assessed by Asia Pacific Excellence Entrepreneur Alliance, Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award International Committee, Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award International Committee, Oversea Chinese Investment Commercial Association of Indonesia, (Brunei), All-China Bakery Association (China-Malaysia Interactive Councils), Entrepreneur Development Association, InterAmerican University (1912) and other Asia Pacific region’s international non-profit business influential entities and academic institutions. Adhering to the belief in fairness and integrity since 2002, these organisations have collaboratively strategised and promoted the initiation of this brand certification activity. This is dedicated to the grand mission of building the top brand, conform to international standards, prospering nation’s economy and profession through developing corporate brand evaluation, brand valuation and brand creation.


The Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand International Award is a third-party international certification authority granted to enterprises, brands, products and leaders. It is also an international strategic platform for corporate congregation between Asia Pacific’s excellent enterprises. Since the year 2002, Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand International Award has assisted enterprises to:


  • Expand domestic and international market share by establishing a brand image of excellence and integrity
  • Sales of products and provision of services to more countries through extensive, thorough and efficient advertising, and expanding global business opportunities
  • Capitalising on valuable domestic and international network resources through managing directors conference, international exploration delegation and exchange activities held multiple times throughout the year.
  • Build a strong and powerful marketing tool to greatly increase sales and create extraordinary profits.