Business Opportunity

Purchasing River Mouth Sand

River mouth sand is suitable for reclamation purposes. This project is mainly for Macau and Hainan Island. Under China's "Belt and Road" initiative, the China-Malaysia joint venture company purchases river mouth sand, it is a great opportunity for Sou  more

Purchasing Durian Coffee + Durian Milk Tea

Malaysia can produce about 300,000 tons of durians per year. After gaining access from China, it has further expanded the durian planting area, increased production, and seized the Chinese market.  more

Purchasing Durian (Malaysia)

Malaysia produce about 300,000 tons of durians per year. After gaining access from China, it has further expanded the durian planting area, increased production, and seized the Chinese market.  more

Purchasing Cashew Nuts

Cashew nuts can be eaten raw or made into juices, jams, preserves, canned and wine. China Beverage Group solicited the purchase of cashew nuts from Southeast Asia for beverage production.  more

Purchasing Southeast Asia Seafood

Southeast Asian countries are rich in aquatic resources and are suitable for the development of freshwater and marine fisheries. China market solicited the purchase of Southeast Asian seafood products such as tiger prawns, octopus, and cuttlefish.  more

Purchasing Meat

According with the increase in demand for meat and food, China market solicited the purchase of imported chicken meat products such as chicken feet, chicken middle wings, and chicken whole wings.  more

Purchasing Polypropylene (PP)

With the development of the plastic industry, the application of plastic products has penetrated into all corners of society, from industrial and agricultural production to people's food, clothing, and housing.  more

Purchasing Liquid Surcose

The “Belt and Road” route has always been a key area for China to carry out international cooperation with the countries along the route. China famous beverage group solicited the purchase of liquid surcose for use in making beverages.  more

Purchasing River Sea/ Sea Sand

River sand is an important building material for construction projects. China Construction Group's solicitation for the purchase of river sand and sea sand is a great opportunity for Southeast Asian merchants to enter the Chinese market.  more

Purchasing Southeast Asia Palm Olein

Under China's "Belt and Road" initiative, Southeast Asia is the main palm oil producer, with output accounting for more than 85% of the world's total palm oil production.  more

ASEAN Agricultural by-products wanted in China market

“One Belt One Road” The OBOR Initiative has always been China’s main focus area for the International Agricultural Development Collaboration.  more

To seek for collaboration in Malaysia Property Auction

There are two types of Property Auction in Malaysia; the bank will get an auction agent to handle everything and another type is to go through the auctioneer.  more

To seek for Vietnamese Tobacco Trade Agent

In 2005, the total volume of the cigarette in Vietnam market has reached 68 Billion sticks of cigarettes. The Vietnamese-brand cigarettes holds 65% in the market while 25% is foreign brand cigarettes produced in Vietnamese factories.  more

Seeking for Collaboration in Malaysian Steel Industry

As the largest steel producer in ASEAN, Malaysian steel industry is gradually revolutionizing to intensify its productivity. It is especially so for the developing markets in the Western of Asia and Eastern Europe.  more

In seeking for supply of Malaysian Electronic Equipment

A renowned Malaysian electronic equipment supplier has been supplying for numerous major distributors which has achieved over ten thousand electronic products and maintenance products.  more

South Korean University Advance Class (joint project)

People with bilingual or multilingual ability are becoming more valuable. It is qualified to be identified as an asset for the multinational professional team.  more

South Iron Works Factory is seeking for supply of scrapped iron

In 2017, Vietnam's first large iron works factory production furnace has started its production. The annual production will be expected to be more than 22 million.  more

Supplier for Malaysian Industrial Diesel

In welcoming the rapid developing Asian Industrialization, the demand for industrial diesel has been growing tremendously.  more

France’s First Class Beef and Milk

Normande is a dairy cattle breed which produces high value of beef and milk which is high in fat 4.3% and protein 3.65%. It well-known as “the best type to produce cheese."  more

Seeking for Agent for TOP Traveller SIMcard

The tourism industry is not only promoting the government and private sector towards software and hardware, other than accommodation, flight ticket, and other conventional needs, the worldwide portable Wifi SIMcard is a must for every traveller.  more