Nomination & Criteria

Applicant must hold a business license and registered trademarks issued by the ministry of commerce and industry.
The business entity must be legally established for at least 2 years, holds no history of previous violations and no bad records with other government agencies; have an annual business plan with clear-cut goals and long-term vision.
No losses incurred over the last 2 years, and has increased annual production value for over 2 consecutive years; possesses high credit ratings of “AA” and above among the commerce, taxation, commodity inspection, and banking sectors.
Shown remarkable performances in multiple aspects such as brand establishment, operation and management, enterprise restructuring and R&D, with innovative development strategy and a sense in brand building.
Have a strong base of innovative technologies and R&D capabilities to run a powerful production, meeting regulations and policies stated by the government and related agencies.
Product displays long-term stability, with qualities fulfilling the requirements, rules and regulations stated by the government; passes quality control criteria; offers a complete set of supporting before and after sales services; and no potential accidents or hazards associated with the product over the past 3 years.
The company shall manufacture its own proprietary products, with patents granted by the intellectual property office, or won awards at the provincial and national-level. Accreditations from third-party certification such as certification of management system, product quality certification, social responsibility as well as industrial certifications will be taken into consideration.
The company brand enjoys a high reputation among consumers and adequate media attention.
It is important that the application is accompanied by authentic documentary evidence, as the nomination may be liable to cancellation if the authenticity is proved, otherwise.

Evaluation Criteria
The nominees are judged based on the following ten (10) core evaluation criteria: Proprietary Brand, Industrial / Regional Influence, Brand Recognition, Selling Power, Brand Awareness, Brand Impact, Social Responsibility, Level of Internationalization, Growth Prospects, and Innovation Capability.
        ►     Proprietary Brand    :
In essence, the company embraces an explicit strategic plan on its branding systems, has its own intellectual property rights in its main products, technological knowledge, and product qualities.
        ►     Industrial / Regional Influence    :
The company brand is regarded as an influential brand in its category, with industry-leading revenues and profit margins, or has devised a formidable brand building strategy.
        ►     Brand Recognition    :
Assessed according to the brand image, brand equity, and brand connotation; consumer cognition, popularity, trustworthiness, and consumer loyalty etc.
        ►     Purchasing Power    :
The company brand has brought prominent sales volume and profit margins, driving an obvious impetus function on the growth of the company.
        ►     Brand Awareness    :
Continuous improvement and enhancement of the brand image, innovative and creative approaches, through a series of branding campaign, media exposure and advertising activities.
        ►     Brand Impact    :
The company brand possesses strong impact on consumers, amplifying the brand awareness, reputation, as well as consumer loyalty.
        ►     Social Responsibility    :
Business integrity – holding the elements of ethics such as ‘transparent’, ‘unbiased’, and ‘impartially’ as the code of conduct in its business operation, social and public welfare matters, emphasizing on environmental protection and sustainable development.
        ►     Level of Internalization    :
Remarkable performance in the international market, with sales in the global market occupies a large percentage of total sales volume.
        ►     Growth Prospects    :
The brand shows promising growth prospects and potential market development.
        ►     Innovation Capability    :
The brand has been continuously enhancing its innovation capability.

Evaluation Process
All candidates are evaluated based on scientific, professional, unbiased and unprejudiced means and also transparency in procedures.

Call for Nominations
Authorized branches around the Asia Pacific region of the brand certification are responsible for the execution of the evaluation process. In accordance with the certification requirements, leading and well-known brands from different industries are surveyed and investigated. A letter will be sent to qualifying enterprises to schedule an interview.
Any qualifying enterprises are welcomed to submit a written application, accompanied by copies of business license, Hi-Tech Enterprise Certificate, and other accreditations to the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Certification’s headquarter or branch offices, while the soft copies are to be e-mailed to the committee’s mailbox.

Preliminary Evaluation
All candidates will be verified and authenticated by an independent credit bureau for the accuracy and reliability of the company’s information provided. DP Information Network Pte. Ltd. is a veteran information and credit bureau in Singapore, entrusted with the task of analyzing the candidate’s financial information, credit ratings, legal issues, and legitimate business operations, and eventually presents a report on internal controls and risk management of the company.
Second Evaluation
A group of selected professionals by the committee will perform site visits and investigations on the candidates, collecting valid and reliable databases. The group will then conduct a comprehensive evaluation and produce a site evaluation report based on enterprise information, media reports, and findings by other research institutions.
Third Evaluation
Generalized Assessments. The Board of Governors of the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand Certification will refer to both the reports presented, while appraising the brand’s market performances, growth prospects, qualities and efficiencies. Several aspects will be taking into considerations, such as constant business growth, level of internationalization, corporate culture, entrepreneurship, vision and mission statement, innovation, after sale services, peer recognition, corporate influence etc. A fair and impartial judgment will be made to determine the winners list. The Board of Governors of the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand is formed by a group of professionals across the Asia Pacific region, carrying the evaluation process under strict confidentiality and justice, while conflicts of interest are prohibited as a matter of the committee’s policy.
Announcement on Website
Those making the finalist list will be profiled on the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand official website for 1 week, inviting public opinions.
Result of Appraisal
Should the website announcement receive no objections or negative feedbacks, winners will be informed of the assessment results. After final confirmation from the winner, the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand committee will dispatch a formal confirmation and letter of congratulations. On top of that, the winning enterprises will be published in a special feature magazine and press releases.
Award Ceremony & Follow-up Activities
A trophy and a certificate will be presented to the winners by famous political figures or business leaders during the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Recognition Night. On the same time, exclusive interviews and extensive publicity campaigns arranged will dramatically boosts the company’s brand impact. Winners are privileged to attend the CEO Gathering, opening doors to networking opportunity between business elites. In addition, winners will be recommended to be listed overseas.