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Introduction of GB International Media Group

GB International Media Group is established in the year 2002 and is one of the largest Chinese language magazine publisher with 4 titles under its belt, Global Business Magazine, New Health 100 Magazine, Asia Direct Sales Magazine and Asia Property Watch.

The Global Business Magazine is a financial magazine created through the efforts and collaboration between Asia Pacific Excellence Entrepreneur Alliance, Entrepreneur Development Association Malaysia, Association of Asia Studies, of Brunei and the Oversea Chinese Investment Commercial Association of Indonesia.

Since our first publication, we have been reporting the latest market conditions through simultaneous coverage in Asia Pacific countries, and become the major strategy reference for enterprises to penetrate local, Asia Pacific and even global market. We are proud to announce that each of our publications has grow in fast pace and the record has made our magazines one of the most authoritative and profoundly influential magazine in the respective industries. Our major readers consist of business enterprises, professional managers, company directors and political leaders.

Introduction of GB International Media Group
Strategic cooperation with many local and overseas chambers of commerce, media, and airway companies including the China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Malaysia-Penang State Government (Tourism Development and Environment), Malaysia RTM National Radio Station, Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Malaysian Railway Bureau, China-ASEAN Expo, All-China Bakery Association, the Singapore Food Manufacturers’ Association and etc., in order to expand the network of influence.

We are the Senior Economic Advisor of Yantai, Penglai, Harbin, Fushun and Qingtao Jiaozhou City of P.R. China. With the help and support from the Municipal Government, we organise a lot of Business Investment Seminar and trip mission every year. We are inviting our customers and readers to participate, help them to build bond and networking.

We help enterprises build brand characteristics that will appeal to the international market. The publication also acts as a platform for effective branding and to build an efficient marketing network.

The first full-color financial magazine which covers international cross-countries interviews. The combination of radio broadcasting and 3D marketing is indeed a most effective marketing tool.

Covers overseas cross-countries interview which includes Singapore, Brunei, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia and various countries within the Asia Pacific region.

Global Business Magazine is the first South East Asia Chinese Business Magazine been invited by Government of Kingdom of Cambodia to carry out “Invest Cambodia”project which promote agricultural, agro-based and investment opportunity of Cambodia.

We organize annual Asia Pacific Top Excellence Recognition Night and holds the Asia Pacific Top CEO Business Gathering few times every year.

Appointed as the co-organizer and official media for the Asia most prestigious international business award-“The Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise -Keris Award” and “The Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award” which are events held to give recognition to the outstanding enterprises and entrepreneurs who contribute significantly to the Asia Pacific Economic.

Global Business Magazine is the first and Only Chinese Business Magazine been invited by Ministry of Information, Communications, Culture and Arts of Malaysia and National Library of Malaysia to participate in the “One Malaysia Reading Program”, providing the magazine on National Transport such as Railway and etc.,

We have been honoured as the winner of “The 7th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise -Keris Award 2008” , “The 8th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2009” and “The Best Oversea Media Gold Medal 2007”.

Set up Singapore Regional Office in year 2010.

Set up China Regional Office (Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Ningxia and Guangzhou) in year 2011.

Interviewed by China CCTV and appointed as Honourary Advisor in Year 2011.